TLA participant is state’s first Teacher Leader in Residence

Stacey Dallas Johnston, a participant in The Public Education Foundation’s Teacher Leader Academy, is Nevada’s first Teacher Leader in Residence.

Johnston, a teacher at Las Vegas Academy, told The Nevada Independent that her fellowship at the U.S. Department of Education, where she focused on national education policy for a year, created a desire to learn more education policy work in Nevada.

“I think teachers are really hungry to share their opinions and voice their concerns and get engaged,” Johnston said. “They just don’t always know how. It’s not always really accessible.”

The Teacher Leader in Residence, according to the Nevada Department of Education, “will facilitate a team of practicing teachers who will provide advice and feedback to NDE, create resources in support of NDE initiatives such as standards and assessing implementation, and engage in two-way communication with other educators to give teachers across the state a voice in the department.”

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