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The Teacher Leader Academy understands that teacher leaders have knowledge, training and skills in pedagogy, curriculum, and instructional methods. However, in order to lead beyond classrooms and schools today, educators now require the ability to solve problems through advocacy and voice, education policy, data and technology to drive learning, professional development, mentorships, and community engagement. In addition, the Foundation is helping build a diverse network of teacher leaders to drive statewide school improvement.

Our place-based partnership model assists Nevada school districts with teacher leader pipeline and transition challenges. The Academy works hand in hand with systems to help them identify their most promising teacher leaders.
The Teacher Leader Academy utilizes a place-based leadership development model. This approach intentionally brings exemplary faculty from multiple organizations across the country to help cultivate and amplify good-to-great teacher leadership capacity in Nevada, thereby leveraging homegrown talent. The model also enables teacher leaders to analyze and solve problems by building relationships within and across the system in order to be effective change agents.
The Academy’s statewide network is designed to forge ties across the state and with key stakeholders from the community, including elected officials, business professionals, and other nonprofit leaders. The Academy amplifies teacher leader networks — across, up, and out — to connect teachers not only with school system leadership and other teacher leaders, but also with national experts and resources.
The Academy recognizes that teacher leaders have extensive training and skills in curriculum, pedagogy and instructional methods. However, in order to lead classrooms and schools in the 21st century, professionals now require the ability to solve problems with current organizational structures, advocacy and voice, education policy, technology and data, professional development, mentorship, and community engagement. The Institute brings nationally renowned faculty who are experts in these much-needed course sessions.
The Academy produces a strong alumni network to support ongoing collaboration and problem-solving. Academy alumni remain connected horizontally to a larger professional community of like-minded teacher leaders. They are also connected vertically to other school-based and district-based leaders. Finally, alumni remain connected to national education reform experts, ideas and resources through the Academy experience.
A core component of the Teacher Leader Academy is mentoring and coaching. Select educational leaders who have completed the Executive Leadership Academy are chosen to serve as mentors to participants in the Teacher Leader Academy. Participants are able to practice teacher leader skills and competencies taught by Academy faculty. With this, learning extends beyond the classroom experience through role playing and coaching. Finally, teacher leaders are guided by their mentors through the capstone project process, learning about resources, problem-solving and advocacy.
The Academy complements programs like Teach For America’s (TFA) Leadership for Education Equity and the National Education Association’s (NEA) Teacher Leadership Initiative. Like TFA, the Academy assists systems to cultivate teacher leader talent. Promising teacher leaders are then taught the knowledge and skills in content areas not typically delivered in most graduate-level university leadership development programs. Relative to these programs, the Teacher Leader Academy is a fraction of the cost at just $1,500 per person, making it an exemplary return on investment.

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Course Capstone Projects

  • 2016 Capstone Projects

“I received more value from Dr. Rick Hess’ time with our class at the Teacher Leader Academy than from any other training I’ve received in my entire career. It had a deep and meaningful impact on my professional growth.”
Kristin Gonzalez, Clark County School District teacher