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In 2002, The Public Education Foundation established a green initiative to bring much-needed resources to Clark County School District classrooms while also helping the environment. The Teacher EXCHANGE is a reuse/repurpose/surplus resource center available to all Southern Nevada public school teachers that also can help them save hundreds of dollars annually in out-of-pocket expense.

The Teacher EXCHANGE collects books, office supplies, manufacturing and convention overruns, and other surplus materials originally headed for landfills and distributes them to teachers for use in the classroom. These materials and supplies donated by businesses and individuals are used in classrooms to inspire curiosity, experimentation and hands-on learning while reinforcing critical thinking and problem solving for our students.

During the 2015-16 school year, the Teacher EXCHANGE distributed more than 2.3 million items to public school teachers. This initiative also fosters continued public awareness of recycling, sustainability and environmental education.

The Public Education Foundation staff runs the day-to-day operations of the Teacher EXCHANGE, which includes its warehouse and resource center, the online retail operation and the direct-to-school giving program. The online store operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is available to all teachers in the Clark County School District, which covers 7,910 square miles.

Through its direct-to-school giving program, the Teacher EXCHANGE is able to distribute large donations to designated schools or programs. The Teacher EXCHANGE has continued to expand its reach throughout Clark County with the Teacher EXCHANGE Express, its school supply delivery vehicle that brings supplies directly to teachers.

Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Foundation are founding partners of the Teacher EXCHANGE. Caesars continues to play a vital role in the operation of the Teacher EXCHANGE by providing funding, in-kind materials and volunteers.

Through our partnership with Caesars and other hotel-casinos, the Teacher EXCHANGE has been given access to a large volume of in-kind donations from conventions held in Las Vegas throughout the year. For instance, discarded materials from conventions can be repurposed and be used to build sets for school theater productions. In addition, we are a resource center for the Kids In Need Foundation, which is national in scope and receives large donations of school supplies from many national vendors and suppliers.

The Public Education Foundation continuously strives to foster partnerships with like-minded organizations and develop innovative ways of using unique materials in creative ways that can enhance the classroom experience for students.

For further information or to donate to the Teacher EXCHANGE please call (702) 263-6007.