Scholarships Plus

To increase access to educational opportunities for all students, The Public Education Foundation administers a variety of scholarships to help students pursue post-secondary educational goals. Each year, more than 300 scholarship opportunities are available to students.

Since 1995, over $13 million in scholarships have been awarded to more than 5,200 students. Opportunities for everyone are available ranging from the resilient student who overcame obstacles to the high school athlete.

By finding the scholarship that’s right for them, students are able to pursue their academic dreams and contribute their skills and knowledge as an essential part of a well-educated workforce in a thriving economy.

“Having the ability to go into education and ignite in each student that spark, that belief in their self, that self efficacy to achieve, to reach their dreams and feel like they’re worth the moon and the stars — that’s what I want to do. It’s a blessing to be here and have the ability to learn what is needed in order to make that achievable.

—Sebastian Cardenas, a student and scholarship recipient at UNLV

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