Reach Out and Read

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Reach Out and Read is a national campaign of medical providers who promote early literacy by giving new books to children who visit their offices. During the visit, medical providers also give information to families about the importance of reading to children to increase literacy skills.

Since children often begin visiting medical providers at a very early age, families are informed about early literacy skills soon after their child is born. Based on national data from Reach Out and Read, children who participate in the program score between three and six months ahead of their peers in preschool when tested on vocabulary.

Reach Out and Read medical providers are located at Southwest Medical sites (Southwest Medical at Montecito, Southwest Medical at Nellis, Southwest Medical at Charleston, Southwest Medical at Siena, Southwest Medical at South Eastern and Southwest Medical at Tenaya) and at Nevada Health Centers (Cambridge Family Health Center, Eastern Family Medical & Dental, Henderson, Martin Luther King Health Center and North Las Vegas Family Health Center).