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Our Solution

The Public Education Foundation understands that the highest-performing organizations, including our public schools, need to recruit and retain top talent. In order to bring about real and lasting change to public education, it is critical that educators have the vision, knowledge and courage to develop innovative solutions that produce results. The Foundation’s Leadership Institute of Nevada is building a network of leaders from Nevada’s public schools and businesses to drive statewide school improvement.

The Leadership Institute of Nevada

The Leadership Institute of Nevada identifies the most promising classroom, school and system leaders, develops their skills, and connects them to communities and networks in order to amplify their impact for the students and citizens of Nevada.
If we create a statewide network of leaders with the courage and capacity to solve public education’s most difficult problems, then the quality of education across Nevada will improve.
  • Establish and facilitate alumni community to further develop innovative ideas and create an ongoing network of active leaders in the community.
  • Program content and ideas are reflected in communications and practice in the community.
  • Refine programming to ensure academically sound Capstone projects and create a guidebook to help consider potential future program expansion.
  • Measure and report that participants and alumni are using and implementing ideas and strategies gained from the experience.
  • Develop and implement an Executive Leadership Academy application process that ensures all accepted participants have the competencies and commitment to transform Nevada schools.
  • Develop and implement a Teacher Leader Academy application process that ensures all accepted participants have the competencies and commitment to transform Nevada schools.
  • Conduct an objective and rigorous program evaluation and produce a document defining the impact of the program.
  • Work collaboratively with the school districts to develop and implement succession planning models; weave succession planning concepts into the Executive Leadership Academy curriculum.
  • Strengthen presence on the web and social media.
  • Lead a thoughtful dialogue about public education and allow dynamic problem solving.
  • Expose leaders from all sectors to the nation’s top thought leaders and practitioners in education.
  • Create a network of leaders with the place-based skills, knowledge and mindset to develop innovative solutions for our education system in Nevada.
  • Strengthen the human capital pipeline for Nevada public schools, including recruitment, development and retention of diverse talent.
  • Facilitate the development of succession planning models that best meet the needs of Nevada schools.
  • Utilize rigorous data collection necessary to ensure a culture of continuous improvement.

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