Executive Leadership Academy

The Executive Leadership Academy was founded on the belief that a strong leader at the helm of an organization can be a game-changer for the performance of its employees and its ability to deliver results.

The Academy inspires an entrepreneurial spirit in Nevada’s education leaders to pursue transformational efficacy and innovation. Nationally recognized thought-leaders have designed a cutting-edge curriculum while integrating nuanced perspectives on the local education ecosystem. Ultimately, the Academy  envisions a tipping point of bold thinkers and problem-solvers who will forge ahead in a collective effort to improve education for students.

The best part about the Executive Leadership Academy is that after each month, I feel that there’s something that I’ve learned that I can take right back to the school. With each session we gain new information, new ways for us to be self reflective, and more.

—Erica Etienne, Principal at John R. Hummel Elementary School

The Leadership Institute of Nevada taught me to think broader. We live a lot as administrators inside of our little box. And we forget that we need to break those walls down and expand our thinking. The world has changed and we need to be ready to change with it. We have to be unafraid to envision bigger things and go after them.

—Debbie Brockett, Franchise Principal at Las Vegas High School and Keller Middle School