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To effect real change in education systems, we need leaders with the vision, knowledge, imagination, skills and commitment to act quickly and wisely—leaders who can move all stakeholders in a new, results-oriented direction.

The Leadership Institute of Nevada was created to catalyze significant, measurable, ongoing systemic improvement in public education. The Leadership Institute does this by identifying and investing in leaders across the system and providing them the platform and resources they need to implement solutions that are best for kids.


Since 2011, the Foundation has inspired and equipped leaders across Nevada to question the status quo. By harnessing the potential of public-private partnerships, education leaders are exposed to the ideas and best practices that can activate change.

The Leadership Institute of Nevada hosts two nine-month long academies annually. The Executive Leadership Academy is designed for school and system leaders and the Teacher Leader Academy, for classroom educators. Each year, a new cohort of educators representing schools and central office spend nine months together engaged in coursework focused on identifying challenges and implementing solutions. Courses are taught by top education thought-leaders from across the country, bringing diverse perspectives on topics from cage-busting leadership to family engagement, which are applied to a local context.


In 2017, The PEF built on its successful Academy model and partnered with CCSD to launch the Empowered Leaders Network, a new program designed to respond to the district’s pressing need to provide targeted, short-term training for leaders to successfully navigate the district’s decentralization. The Network convenes cohorts of central office staff, principals and associate superintendents in short, 3-4-month sessions related to specific problems of practice. Leaders can air grievances, problem-solve and identify solutions they can try, all in a safe space provided by the Foundation. The Empowered Leaders Network provides critical training to quickly make school-level decisions and test solutions, building the capacity of participants to engage in continuous improvement cycles.


The Foundation regularly convenes business, civic, education and community leaders to hear from education experts and to address the top issues impacting education across Nevada. Through regular roundtables and biannual convenings, the Foundation elevates these important issues and encourages collaboration across sectors, based in a firm belief that we will only be able to solve what’s ailing public education when we work together.