A recent survey of Clark County School District (CCSD) teachers by the Kids In Need Foundation emphasizes the need for community support for our public school teachers and students.

The survey of current PEF Teacher Superstore members who teach in CCSD revealed insights on how many students come to class without the supplies they need, and how our educators are filling in the gaps from their own pockets. According to the survey, 61% of CCSD students come to the first day of school without the necessary and required supplies for learning. In addition, 63% of students on average likely do not have adequate school supplies at home to complete school work. Teachers are dipping into their own funds to help supply students with the necessary tools for learning. On average, CCSD teachers surveyed spent approximately $463 of their own money on supplies.

Many teachers shared that the PEF Teacher Superstore (formerly the Teacher EXCHANGE) is helping them outfit their classrooms with the supplies their students need without breaking the bank. 96% of teachers shared that the PEF Teacher Superstore usually had the supplies they need available, and 95% believed that the Superstore had a positive impact on students and educators. Overall, 87% were highly likely to recommend the Superstore to a friend or colleague.

The PEF Teacher Superstore provides school supplies to teachers to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses. These supplies are then passed along to students who often can’t afford them. For $26, a teacher can receive up to $500 worth of supplies. See how you can get involved at thepef.org/superstore.