This educator spotlight on Spring Cargil, a CCSD paraprofessional on her path to becoming a licensed teacher through our Teacher Pathway program, is featured in “Along the Pathway”, our monthly Teacher Pathway newsletter. Each edition features updates regarding the Teacher Pathway program, participant and community partner spotlights, and programming goals our mentees are working towards that will support them in becoming dynamic educators in local classrooms. To receive the newsletter in your inbox each month, please email

In this edition of Along the Pathway, we showcase the experience of mentee Spring Cargil, who shares her journey to becoming a licensed educator through the Teacher Pathway program. Cargil joined the district in 2017 as an SPTA, but it wasn’t until after spending 26 years in law enforcement that she realized her desire to become a teacher. “I ran into children, young adults, and parents, and I knew that someone or something was failing in our education system,” she explains. CCSD’s mission statement, “We create educational journeys that empower all students to fulfill their potential,” resonates with Cargil, as she believes that every student deserves an education that will empower them to become successful. “The right educators play a great role in the development of our students. Their education prepares them for the future in society,” she adds.

Cargil’s journey towards becoming a licensed educator recently took a positive turn as she was accepted into UNLV’s new Rebel Start Academy. She shares that the online classes have made it easier for her to balance work, life, and school. “Class times are much shorter, making it possible to accomplish all the necessary classes in an amazing time,” she notes. While Cargil participates in Rebel Start Academy, she is also a mentee in the Teacher Pathway program. She is very appreciative of her mentor who has made her feel comfortable in seeking help and has inspired her to become a mentor in the future. “The desire to help make a difference keeps me motivated to stay the course,” she shares.

Professional development, including mentoring and support from fellow educators, is essential for Cargil. She believes that these opportunities prepare educators for the realities of teaching, which is not an easy task. “The Nevada Association of School Administrators has been a great resource with all it offers in continuous education, offering a wealth of information. Wisdom comes from everyday experiences working in the school district,” she shares. Cargil has also been inspired by the work of local educators, like Dr. Beverly Mathis, with whom she took a class on Family Engagement. “Family Engagement is something that I have been an advocate for, and Dr. Mathis inspired me to continue advocating for it,” she says.

Cargil’s favorite thing about teaching is interacting with and guiding students. “It’s a rewarding feeling to see students grow and succeed,” she adds. When asked about the barriers she has encountered on her path to licensure, Cargil mentions that she has not run into any, thanks to the guidance provided by the Teacher Pathway program. “My experience with Teacher Pathway has been amazing. The support is what you wish you had years ago. There is no way anyone could fail because there is always someone that will respond to whatever your problem is and guide you through to success,” she shares.

Cargil advises those who may consider becoming an educator to have the desire to do so, not to look at it as a job. “It’s essential to have the passion for teaching and the desire to make a difference,” she concludes. In conclusion, Teacher Pathway is a dream come true for Cargil. It welcomes everyone who seeks to make a difference in education by becoming a part of it. “No one is turned away, and it’s never too late,” she adds.