Driving Opportunity

We provide a multi-generation approach to help families navigate our education system and strengthen important life skills. Together, we are driving opportunity for families in our community.

What We Do

We utilize national best practices to empower families to more effectively support their child’s learning at school and strengthen life skills that help disrupt generational poverty. We give families the tools and skills to navigate distance learning, support better communication between teachers and families, and connect families with life skills such as English language courses, financial literacy, and more.

“The long term impact that I have received from the program is that the communication with my daughter has been amazing. I knew that being part of her education was good, but I didn’t know that it was so important that it could be reflected in her grades, her self-esteem, and her happiness.”

Alejandro Matheu De Leon, Family Learning Program participant

Our Impact Together


families empowered to more effectively support their child’s learning


family members participated in English language classes


of participants saw positive changes in their child’s schoolwork




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