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Family and Community Engagement Course

EDPD 5100 477 for 3 SUU Credits = 45 Hours

Are you aware that every Nevada licensed educator hired since 2015 is required to take a three-credit Family and Community Engagement Course and remove this provision from their license? Even if this requirement is not a provision on your license, are you aware that this course is an inexpensive way for you to renew your license if you don’t need to remove this provision?

The Public Education Foundation (PEF) has great news for you!

In partnership with Southern Utah University (SUU), PEF is offering a more affordable virtual Family and Community Engagement Course for Nevada Endorsement for the required three (3) credits (that’s 45 recertification hours AND 15 CUs in CCSD)! Not only is this course fully approved by SUU, but also the Nevada Department of Education.

You can remove this provision on your license and take the online course to learn from two outstanding educators – Dr. Beverly Mathis, and Dr. Vincent L. Richardson, both of whom have served in multiple positions in their service to children and have years of experience in regard to this most critical topic.

Your Instructors

Dr. Beverly S. Mathis
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Dr. Vincent L. Richardson
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PEF is bringing this to you at a highly discounted package price including many other classroom provisions – a price lower than that of even our Nevada universities, not to mention private universities offering this course. Upon registration, order Powerful Partnerships: A Teacher’s Guide to Engage Families for Student Success.

To purchase the textbook for this course, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two steps to complete registration.

Step 1. Click the “PAY FOR THE CLASS HERE” button below and register through PEF to pay for your class and book your “seat.”
Step 2. Click here to apply at SUU.

Please note, when registering with SUU you DO NOT pay a registration fee. This SUU registration fee is paid by the tuition you pay for this course to The Public Education Foundation. Should you have any issues registering, please email Dr. Beverly Mathis at: Please DO NOT worry if you experience SUU registration issues. You are registered for the course, you can begin participation, and all will be rectified.

The $265 registration fee includes:

  1. Three (3) SUU Credits upon completion, which removes this provision from your license OR provides you with three (3) credits for state recertification!

  2. 15 CUs for CCSD licensed professionals

  3. A bonus item after checkout at the PEF Teacher Superstore

  4. Double shopping points if you elect to make a $26 donation to the Teacher Superstore

PEF’s Family and Community Engagement course will currently be held virtually via the Zoom platform. A Zoom link will be sent to you after you register. The virtual class will include four (4) workshops that cover the following content (cohort schedule below):

Workshop 1 – Setting the Stage for Engagement
Workshop 2 – Establishing Communication for Engagement
Workshop 3 – Developing Advocacy and Decision-Making for Authentic Engagement
Workshop 4 – Working with the Greater Support Network

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Upcoming Cohorts

Cohort 22

May 9 – June 8, 2023

Download schedule for cohort 22 here

Download the syllabus for cohort 22 here