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Executive Leadership Academy

The Executive Leadership Academy recognizes that school and system leaders have extensive background in curriculum, supervision, evaluation and instruction. However, in order to lead schools and school systems, successful leaders must learn more about business concepts such as organizational change, resource allocations and efficiencies, human capital development, disruptive innovation, and strategic thinking.

The Institute recognizes that school and system leaders have extensive training and skills in curriculum, supervision, evaluation and instruction.

Other skills necessary to lead schools and systems in the 21st Century require the ability to solve problems with current organizational structures, resource allocations, technology and data, human capital, legal and ethical factors, and community engagement.

This approach intentionally brings individuals from multiple agencies to create a network of good-to-great leaders, thereby leveraging our homegrown talent.

Utilizing a cross-agency collaborative model allows participants to maximize resources to have exponential impact on our community and State.

The Academy’s statewide network is designed to forge ties across the state and with key stakeholders from the community, including elected officials, business professionals, and other non-profit leaders.

The Academy forges networks—across, up, and out—to connect leaders not only with school system leadership, but also with national experts and resources.

Our partnership model assists Nevada school districts with leadership pipeline and transition challenges.

Our model works hand in hand with systems to help them identify their most promising leaders.

The Academy has produced a strong alumni network to support ongoing collaboration and problem-solving.

Academy Alumni remain connected horizontally to a larger professional community of like-minded leaders.

They are also connected vertically to other school-based and district-based administrators.

Alumni remain connected to the ideas, course content and national experts through the Academy experience.

The Executive Leadership Academy is modeled after programs including the Broad Superintendents Academy, the Fisher Fellows program, New Leaders (formerly New Leaders for New Schools), Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program, the Public Education Leadership Project at Harvard University, the University of Virginia School Turnaround Specialist Program, and the University of Pennsylvania Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership.

For a cost of just $5,000 per participant, the Academy is a fraction of the cost of similar programs, making it an exemplary return on investment.

The Academy complements programs like Teach For America (TFA) and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Urban Leaders Program.

Promising executive level leaders are then taught the knowledge and skills in content areas not typically covered in most graduate-level University leadership development programs.

“When leaders complete the Executive Leadership Academy, they don’t just leave with theoretical knowledge, they leave with practical problem-solving skills to come up with real solutions to challenges facing public education.”
Pat Skorkowsky, Superintendent Clark County School District