Donor Spotlight: NV Energy

NV Energy, which regards education as one of its pillars of community giving, has partnered with The Public Education Foundation since the nonprofit’s creation more than two decades ago. NV Energy, through its foundation, has been a leader in charitable giving in Nevada for generations.

“The collaboration between the NV Energy Foundation and The Public Education Foundation has grown and continues to strengthen as we work together to improve and transform public education,” says Judi Steele, President and CEO of The Public Education Foundation.

“Our support of the Public Education Foundation reflects our commitment to supporting educational opportunities that strengthen our community,” said Tony Sanchez, NV Energy Senior Vice President of Government and Community Strategy. “The programs they offer allow us to have a meaningful and long-term impact on the resources our administrators, teachers and students need to be successful in the instructional and learning environment.”

The NV Energy Foundation and many others that work with The Public Education Foundation realize that no school district can do it all on its own – a school district needs the support of the community for children to succeed academically, which in turn helps the community thrive.

As part of its overall commitment to education, the NV Energy Foundation supports STEM Coalition initiatives to standardize science, technology, engineering and math curriculum and bringing STEM teaching resources throughout Nevada.

NV Energy also works with Myrtle Tate Elementary School through its involvement in the Clark County School District’s Partnership Program Focus School Project, which matches schools with businesses, organizations, agencies and individuals in order to bring needed resources to students.

The Public Education Foundation has been fortunate to have the backing of NV Energy, which has donated $1.5 million to the Foundation since the nonprofit’s beginning.

A wonderful illustration of NV Energy’s commitment to the community and to public education is seen by its foundation’s generosity to The Public Education Foundation’s Scholarship Program, which administers post-secondary scholarships awarded by community leaders, businesses, organizations, individuals and families.

Since 2010, the NV Energy Foundation has awarded more than 400 scholarships, totaling $408,000. In 2016 alone, the NV Energy Foundation will contribute $89,000 to the Public Education Foundation for scholarships, a sizable amount of the $1 million-plus in scholarships that The Public Education Foundation will award this year.

“In many instances, students’ lives have been dramatically changed, as they would not have been able to attend college without this crucial financial assistance,” Steele notes.

The NV Energy Foundation also continues to be a strong supporter of The Public Education Foundation’s We R Community program, a service-learning and volunteerism initiative. We R Community classrooms in high schools become mini-foundations, determining community needs and awarding $5,000 in funds provided by local sponsors to area nonprofits.

Nearly $40,000 has been donated by the NV Energy Foundation to We R Community, which creates a powerful model for teaching the value of philanthropy and the importance of partnerships.

The NV Energy Foundation is also a founding sponsor and continuing supporter of The Public Education Foundation’s Leadership Institute of Nevada, whose mission is to create a statewide network of leaders – including teachers, principals, policymakers and community leaders – to develop innovative solutions to the most-pressing education issues facing the state.

Since the Leadership Institute’s founding in 2011, the support and contributions of the NV Energy Foundation and other key stakeholders was crucial in sustaining and growing the Leadership Institute. The NV Energy Foundation has donated $200,000 to the Leadership Institute and its programs since 2011; and this year, the NV Energy Foundation has provided $50,000 to the Executive Leadership Academy and $50,000 to the Teacher Leader Academy.

“NV Energy has demonstrated time and again its commitment to the community and the importance of providing a quality education for all children,” Steele says.

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