Best In Class Award for School Leadership

During the Heart of Education Awards ceremony May 7 at The Smith Center, The Public Education Foundation presented its Best In Class Award for School Leadership and a check for $5,000 to each of five principals,  recognizing high performance, strategic thinking and innovation. (Photos courtesy of Erik Kabik and Geri Kodey.)

Slide 1: The Public Education Foundation’s President & CEO, Judi Steele, at the podium, addresses the crowd during the Best In Class Award for School Leadership presentation in Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center. Behind Steele, left to right, are Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky, The Public Education Foundation’s Vice President of Leadership and Innovation Dr. Brian Myli, CCSD Chief Student Achievement Officer Dr. Mike Barton and Daniel Giraldo, a member of The Public Education Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Slide 2: Principals arrive on stage to receive the Best In Class Award and a $5,000 check for each of them from The Public Education Foundation.

Slide 3: The five principals receiving The Public Education Foundation’s inaugural Best In Class Award for School Leadership are, seated left to right, Lisa Burkhead and John Haynal; and standing, left to right, are Dr. Dustin Mancl, Dr. Reece Oswalt and Debbie Brockett.


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