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The state-approved reorganization of the Clark County School District includes the implementation of a site-based leadership school model, placing more decision-making power in the hands of a school’s principals, teachers and parents. This is a significant change for principals and other administrators who have been working in a much more top-down culture, where decisions often have been made at the highest ranks of CCSD’s central office.

The effectiveness and success of site-based leadership will require training of principals and the new associate superintendents, and The Public Education Foundation’s Empowered Leaders Network will fill this important role. The Foundation’s training will equip the top leaders of CCSD with a skill set that will promote, support and sustain a culture that will best serve the students and families.

This opportunity also will enable CCSD associate superintendents and principals with access to local top business leaders through an executive partnership program, where both public and private sector leaders will engage in an ongoing dialogue by developing and implementing best practices in leadership.