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We seek innovative solutions and meet pressing needs across Nevada … because ALL of our students matter.

About Us

The Public Education Foundation mobilizes community resources to improve public schools.

The Foundation has a long track-record of establishing public-private partnerships that advance districtwide improvement efforts. To meet the growing needs of Nevada’s students and families, the range of programs offered through the Foundation both source innovative solutions and address the pressing gaps that keep students from opportunity.

“We all remember that teacher who changed our lives — who made us reimagine what’s possible. Those teachers are critical to the education of our children.”

– Tony Sanchez, NV Energy, Foundation Board Member

Our Programs

The Leadership Institute of Nevada identifies and invests in leaders who have the capacity to make lasting change in Nevada’s public schools—and then activates those leaders to implement solutions that work.

A strong start is critical to a child’s long-term success. Through a coordinated early literacy and family engagement approach, parents are empowered to support their child’s literacy development.

Resources in classrooms across Nevada are tight, yet local business is experiencing growth. The Teacher Exchange matches surplus resources from the business community with the needs of classroom teachers, saving individual teachers hundreds each year.

The PEF has awarded nearly $12 million in scholarships that make college a reality for more students in Nevada. Learn more about how you can make college possible for a student in your community OR apply here!

With tight budgets and unmet needs, The PEF steps up to support programs that make a real and lasting difference for students. These programs evolve every few years in order to ensure that programs serve students where they need the most support.

What we’re talking about

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